meet AcuityPlus: the Suburban Hospital Alliance of New York State's Exclusive acuity-staffing partner

New York hospitals: Welcome to AcuityPlus. As you know, AcuityPlus partnered with the Suburban Hospital Alliance of New York State as the association’s exclusive acuity-based staffing solution. Through strategic relationships with commercial partners, SHANYS provides its members with access to industry-leading technology and services that address hospital’s operational, financial, and organizational needs.

AcuityPlus | Your Partner in the Business of Caring

AcuityPlus equips you with the information needed to efficiently manage nursing resources, improve patient care and safety, and increase staff satisfaction and retention—all while managing costs. The evidence-based nurse staffing, workload management and productivity solution dynamically identifies time and staff requirements based on patient care needs.

AcuityPlus creates equitable nurse staffing assignments based on patient care requirements, total nursing workload, nursing skill, and complexity of care. Bridge the gap between nursing and finance by translating HPPD to direct and indirect care hours. You can quantify workload trends into evidence-based clinical staffing plans.

AcuityPlus is Where Staffing Begins

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Nurse leaders from hospitals in both of the Suburban Hospital Alliance regions met on April 13, 2022 to candidly discuss their concerns with and the challenges presented by New York’s hospital staffing legislation. The AcuityPlus software’s intuitive intelligence takes into account a variety of factors that affect staffing, including patient complexity, facility type, the organization’s goals and, most importantly, good outcomes for patients.

Download our resource on how AcuityPlus can best-support hospitals navigating the legislation.


Getting It Right for Our Patients
Data-informed tool helps hospitals appropriately staff in the moment and in the future

Guest bloggers Patricia Dilley, Director of Clinical Information Systems for AcuityPlus, a division of Harris OnPoint, and Deann Shaver, Principal Consultant for the AcuityPlus product, take a look at New York’s recently enacted clinical staffing committee law and what it will mean for hospitals and patients. Patient safety and flexible staffing are at the heart of the legislation, as is an acknowledgement that variations in case severity are in constant change, requiring a health outcomes and data-informed approach to staffing. This has never been truer than during the past 20 months, when hospital staffing was stretched to the max by the demands of the pandemic.


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